Comprehensive Support and Improvement


ESSA specifies that state educational agencies identify for comprehensive support and improvement the lowest-performing schools, high schools with low graduation rates, and schools with chronically low performing subgroups.

North Dakota will select schools with the highest proportion of struggling students for Comprehensive Support and Improvement every three years. NDDPI will work with school and school system leaders to develop a customized approach to address areas in need of improvement. Schools selected will be awarded school improvement grants for three consecutive years to implement evidence-based strategies and build local capacity to sustain improvement efforts.

Identification Criteria and Timeline
Schools that meet the following criteria are selected for comprehensive support and improvement:

  1. The lowest-performing 5% of all Title I schools in the state (based on the performance of the accountability framework over no more than three years), and
  2. All public high schools (Title I or non-Title I) that graduate less than 67%.

North Dakota will select schools for Comprehensive Support and Improvement every three years.

Any school that received additional targeted support and received Title I funds that did not meet the exit criteria after three consecutive years will be selected for Comprehensive Support and Improvement. These schools will then need to meet the established criteria for Comprehensive Support schools.

Supports and Interventions
The NDDPI will provide support and interventions for schools selected for Comprehensive Support and Improvement using a multifaceted approach:

  • All schools selected for Comprehensive Support will be eligible to apply for a school improvement grant over the three years selected for improvement. These funds are to help the school make improvements in the areas that led to the selection.
  • All schools will be provided guidance and support including trainings to overview requirements and opportunities, and a liaison in the Division of Student Support & Innovation assigned to provide technical assistance.

The NDDPI has partnered with the North Dakota Regional Education Associations (NDREAs) to support NDDPI’s implementation of comprehensive support. This partnership provides an opportunity for comprehensive support schools to receive support with federal requirements, which includes intensive support, coaching, professional development, evidence-based instructional strategies, data-based decision making, and ongoing technical assistance.

Exit Criteria
A school may exit Comprehensive Support status upon achieving:

  • Scores that are above the bottom 5% of Title I schools for three consecutive years.
  • A graduation rate that is 67% or higher for three consecutive years.
  • Success in meeting their established interim goals for three consecutive years for both academic achievement and graduation rates.

Comprehensive School Improvement Support Schools 2021-2022

Comprehensive School Improvement Support Schools 2021-2022

New educators or leaders in schools identified as Comprehensive Support and Improvement should check out the TSI/CSI 101 recording.