Credit Accrual and Recovery


The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI) is committed to providing guidance and support for high school faculty, staff, and administrators to ensure clear pathways to graduation. Class offerings, credit calculation, and course requirements for graduation can vary across districts within North Dakota. The Credit Accrual and Recovery Guidance was informed by a collaborative team comprised of education leaders and representatives from both state and local agencies.

This Credit Accrual and Recovery Guidance will keep learning aspirations high for current high school students and will help protect students’ future success in changing times. This guidance provides educators with ideas to enhance opportunities for students to meet graduation requirements and remain on track to graduate with their respective class or cohort group. This guidance is also intended to clarify available options that exist for districts as they work to ensure all students can complete a pathway toward graduation. NDDPI wants to ensure that local districts are aware of policies and procedures that allow for more opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning.