Continuous School Improvement

The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI) ensures that North Dakota public and nonpublic PK-12 schools are in compliance with statutory minimum requirements and provides day-to-day technical assistance to PK-12 school administrators and counselors. NDDPI 

  • Assists with state education improvement processes and assists with the issuance of credentials to counselors, librarians, and administrators.
  • Administers the ND Academic and Career and Technical Education Scholarships.
  • Oversees summer school, home education, and the requirements for the Principal/Teacher Evaluation System.
  • Provides coordinated resources, strategies, and initiatives to schools to help them support at-risk students and foster collaboration among the different programs that assist these populations of students while working within state and federal regulations.


North Dakota Statewide School Improvement Process

The state supported AdvancED accreditation approach provides one common method for reporting in every school in the state, allow uniform comparison among school districts, and provide these additional benefits to our state, schools and communities:
  • A nationally recognized accreditation model that focuses on continuous improvement, student performance, and stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Accountability for the investment of the state in the educational process and a distinctive mark of quality and integrity recognized around the globe as the standard for educational excellence.
  • A framework and support system to help meet and exceed local, state, and national requirements.
  • Duplication of reporting eliminated and better use of reported information.
  • A valid external review process that provides an opportunity to gain valuable input, validation, and support from peers.
  • State-wide data and reports generated to provide an overview of the status and progress of schools within the state.