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Frequently Asked Questions - Weapons

  • The first method is to transport it in a locked and closed trunk or luggage compartment of a motor vehicle.

  • Second, a handgun, carried by a person permitted by law to possess it, may be carried unloaded and in a secure wrapper from the place of purchase to that person's home or place of business, or to a place of repair, or back from those locations.

  • The third method, which includes rifles, shotguns or a weapon that will expel a projectile by action of a spring, compressed air or compressed gas (i.e. BB gun, air rifle or C02 gun) must be unloaded while carried in a motor vehicle in plain view.

A concealed weapon is defined as a firearm or dangerous weapon that is concealed if it is carried in such a manner as to not be discernible by the ordinary observation of a passerby. The only way to legally carry a concealed weapon in North Dakota is to apply for and receive a concealed weapon's permit issued through the Chief of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The applicant, however, will need to have a valid reason for carrying the firearm or dangerous weapon concealed. For further information visit the Bureau of Criminal Investigation's website.

There is no federal regulation prohibiting the possession of a firearm in a CMV. Drivers need to abide by State laws in relation to carrying a weapon in their vehicles. 

Convicted felons or disqualified individuals are disallowed from possessing any firearm. 


Further information on concealed weapons, including the concealed weapons license manual, can be found on the Bureau of Criminal Investigation's website.