North Dakota’s Public Alert System is possible because of voluntary partnerships between law enforcement, broadcasters, and state and federal agencies working together to send an urgent message to the public. There are three public alerts authorized by executive order and legislation. They are AMBER, BLUE, and SILVER Alerts. Each alert has specific criteria that needs to be met prior to being issued. These alerts can only be requested through a law enforcement agency.

AMBER Alerts are issued in serious, developing, child abduction cases. SILVER Alerts are issued when vulnerable individuals such as a disabled adult, vulnerable elderly adult, or a minor who has a developmental disability are reported to law enforcement as missing. BLUE Alerts are meant to issue a notice after an individual has threatened a law enforcement officer with a deadly weapon, used a deadly weapon against a law enforcement officer, caused a law enforcement officer to suffer serious bodily injury or death, or an officer has been abducted or is missing while on duty, and the individual has left the scene of the offense.    

These alerts are sent out by broadcasters through the Emergency Alert System (EAS), to share the crucial information to the public. EAS is the same concept used during severe weather emergencies. Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) are also used as well as ND Department of Transportation’s message boards and 511 system. North Dakota Lottery also participates by distributing alert messages through lottery ticket locations.

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