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The NDHP Permits System allows the assessment of roadway restrictions in real-time and automatically calculates safe routes and fees. Permits (not subject to approval) are available 24/7. Notifications of changing conditions are sent to drivers with single trip permits to help save travel time and enhance safety.

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Information needed at time of application:

  • Axle spacing measurements (axle center to axle center)

  • Weight per axle

  • Total number of axles - truck and trailer

  • Tire width from sidewall - millimeters or inches

  • Load height, length, and width

  • Overall height, width, length and gross vehicle weight of truck/trailer with load

  • Overhang to front and rear, when applicable

  • Trip details including starting and ending locations

  • Vehicle year and make

  • License plate number and state of issue

  • Vehicle identification number (VIN) - last 8 numbers

  • ND registered gross weight

  • Unit number

  • Track width [a specialized trailer-dual lane or side-by-side dollies required to upload a diagram/schematic with track width] SFN 59716.


Single-trip Permits:


Multiple-trip Permits:


Annual Permits:



Questions or concerns: Help document or email NDHP permits.

NDHP Permit Office: 701-328-2621
ND Department of Transportation building (east entrance facing State Street)
608 East Boulevard Ave, Room 139
Bismarck, ND

Monday to Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm central time