What do I do if I receive a traffic citation?

FAQ Answer

Option 1: When you receive a traffic citation you must return the specified bond in the "bond envelope" provided with the citation within 14 days. You may simply place the bond in the envelope and send it to the address indicated on the envelope. The address will be the Clerk of District Court for the county in which you were stopped. No signature is required on the citation. This method results in an automatic forfeiture of the bond.

NOTE: Citations may be paid online using a credit card through the North Dakota State Court’s website. Visit www.ndcourts.gov/publicsearch to complete a transaction.

Option 2: You may sign and date the appropriate section on the citation to request a court hearing. Once the citation is filled out, you must mail the citation in the envelope provided along with your bond within 14 days. If the court determines that you are not guilty at the hearing, the bond amount will be returned to you.