How do I get points removed from my driving record?

FAQ Answer
  • If an operator accumulates 12 or more points, the operator's driving privilege will be suspended for 7 days for every point over 11. When the accumulated point total is brought down to 11, one point will be taken away every three months as long as no additional points are recorded against the operator’s driving record.
  • An operator may elect to attend an approved defensive driving course which will reduce three points from the operator's driving record. This three-point reduction can only be used once every 12-month period. Proof of course completion must be mailed to the NDDOT’s Drivers License Division.
  • If an operator is issued a citation with a penalty of five points or less, the operator may elect to attend an approved defensive driving course in lieu of entry of points on the operator’s driving record. The operator must notify the court at the time bond is posted and provide proof of course completion to NDDOT within 30 days.