129,000 Primary Network - Single Trip Permit


The 129,000 Primary Network Permit allows a vehicle combination hauling a divisible load to exceed 105,500 pounds up to 129,000 pound GVW. All axle weights must be legal. No single trailer may exceed 53’. Cargo carrying length may not exceed 100’.

Travel is allowed on all of Interstate 29; all of Interstate 94; US Highway 2 from Montana to Minnesota; US Highway 52 from Saskatchewan to Minot; US Highway 83 from South Dakota to Interstate 94 at Sterling; US Highway 83 from Bismarck to Minot; US Highway 85 from South Dakota to the US Highway 2 junction in Williston; and ND 8 from the Saskatchewan border to the junction of US Highway 52.

The permit is sold for the a single trip or multi trips in a 24 hour period. The price of the permit is $20 with a $10 routing fee.

The vehicle must comply with the following criteria:

  1. Vehicle must have sufficient number of axles and bridge length using the inner and outer bridge formula.
  2. Tires and axle weights must be legal.
  3. Gross weight may not exceed 129,000 pounds.
  4. North Dakota registered vehicles must be licensed for 105,5000 pounds GVW.

Out-of-state vehicles not licensed in ND or not registered for 105,500 pounds GVW under IRP are subject to the $20 72 hour trip permit.