Special mobile equipment (SME) is a non-reducible self-propelled vehicle that exceeds ND legal vehicle size and weight limits. Example of SME: truck crane, concrete pump unit, etc. (excludes earthmoving equipment.) A single trip permit is required when traveling on the state highway system. The permit for a one-way trip is valid for five days or for multiple trips made within a 24-hour period. The permit fee is $25 minimum.  May also be subject to ton mile fees during spring thaw or if travel is on highways with load limits year around.  A legible paper or electronic permit must be in possession prior to the movement.   

The following information will be required when purchasing a permit on-line: 

  • SME vehicle: year, make, serial number, license number, and state (optional)
  • Overall dimensions:  width, height, length, front and rear overhang
  • Weights: number of axles, number of tires per axle, tire width (first number on sidewall), measurement from axle center to axle center, axle weights, and track width. (For axle weight chart, see pages 4 and 5, Permit Policy For Non-Divisible Oversize and Overweight Vehicle and Load Movements. Depending on the vehicle's axle track width, it may be necessary to download a schematic of the vehicle track width when applying for a permit. (Diagram for track width)
  • Origin and destination
  • Route of travel (optional)
  • Start date of travel
  • Start time of travel, if applicable

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