A single unit truck with three or four axles in a group in the rear will be allowed to exceed maximum gross axle weight of 48,000 pounds with an approved equipment permit, provided it meets the following requirements:

  1. Distance from the center of the steering axle to the center first axle of the 3 or 4 axle group is 14 feet or more.
  2. All axles in the 3 or 4-axle group must have dual tires except that a super single tire must be a minimum of 14 inch or 355 mm tire width.
  3. The gross weight of the 3 or 4-axle group may not exceed 51,000 pounds.
    • No axle in the group shall exceed 19,000 pounds.
    • No tire shall exceed 550 pounds per inch of tire width.
  4. The steering axle shall have a tire width of 12 inches or larger
    • No tire shall exceed 550 pounds per inch of tire width.
  5. Gross vehicle weight shall not exceed 64,000 pounds.
  6. Axle weights shall be reduced when travel is on Class 3 and Class 4 highways, as shown on the Permit Bridge Load Limitations Map (9-2 A)
  7. No travel on the interstate system.
  8. During spring thaw and on highways with load limits year around, axle weights shall be reduced.
  9. Permit cannot be used in conjunction with any other weight exemption permit.
  10. The permit is valid for 365 days.
  11. The fee is $15.

Approved Equipment Permit Policy (9-2)

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