Interstate Permit: An interstate permit is required for a vehicle hauling a divisible load and traveling on the interstate system with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) exceeding 80,000 pounds. The GVW cannot exceed 105,500 pounds. All tire and axle weights must be legal. A vehicle combination must have sufficient axles and bridge lengths. The GVW and gross axle weights are determined by the federal weight formula. No axle shall exceed 550 pounds per inch width of tire. A single axle shall not exceed 20,000 pounds, a tandem axle shall not exceed 34,000 pounds, and the weight on a group of 3 or more axles is determined by the federal weight formula. Refer to the ND Weight Limitations Chart for further information.

The fee for a single trip interstate permit is $10 plus a $10 service/routing fee. The permit is valid for a one-way trip not to exceed five days or for multiple movements made in one 24-hour period. The fee for an annual permit is $300. The permit is valid for 365 days. Permits are not transferrable to another vehicle.

An electronic or paper permit must be in possession prior to traveling on the interstate system (I-94 and/or I-29.) North Dakota registered vehicles must be licensed for the gross weight of the vehicle and load. Out-of-state vehicles not licensed in ND or operating with a gross weight in excess of their ND IRP registered weight are subject to a $20 trip permit.

Interstate Permit Policy (2-2023)

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