Non-Resident Custom Combine Permit

Non-residents engaged in custom combining in North Dakota (ND) may purchase a custom combine permit in lieu of obtaining permits for ND registration and over-dimensional movements. The custom combine permit is valid from June 1 through December 31st of each calendar year. Prior to June 1, nonresident custom combine vehicles traveling in or through ND are subject to a trip permit, fuel permit, and oversize permit.

The custom combine permit authorizes the movement of one of the following:

  1. Combine
  2. Two combines on a semi-trailer or trailer, and length of the semi-trailer and load does not exceed 60 feet.
  3. Two combine headers side by side not to exceed a width of 12 feet.
  4. Farm tractor
  5. Grain cart
  6. Non-reducible implement of machinery necessary for custom combine operations only.

A fuel permit must also be purchased if your company is not a member of IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement.) The $15 fuel permit is valid until the vehicle leaves the state.

Overwidth mobile homes being towed by nonresident custom combiners are subject to mobile home single trip permits.

NOTE: Accompanying vehicles are subject to temporary registration. Temporary registration is available at, under "Public" click on "Non-Resident Temporary Registration" .

Nonresidents engaged in custom combining in North Dakota must comply with the following travel restrictions and safety requirements for oversize vehicles and/or load movements.

Travel Restrictions

  • Custom combine permits shall authorize over-dimensional movement between sunrise and sunset.
  • All overwidth load movements exceeding 16 feet shall not be authorized to travel on Saturday after 12 noon, all day Sunday, and on holidays of New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
  • When any above named holiday is on a Sunday, the following Monday shall be the holiday.
  • When any above named holiday is on Saturday, the preceding Friday shall be the holiday.
  • No overwidth movement exceeding 16 feet in width will be authorized to travel from 12 noon the day before the holiday until sunrise the day after the holiday.
  • Custom combine permits do not authorize movement when inclement weather prevails, highways are slippery, or when visibility is poor.
  • Custom combine permits do not authorize travel on the shoulders of a road.
  • All over-dimensional vehicles and/or loads shall have red or bright orange flags, a minimum of 12 inches by 12 inches, displayed on the traffic side front and rear.
  • When the overall length of an over-dimensional movement exceeds 75 feet in length, there shall be at least one 12 inch by 60 inch OVERSIZE LOAD sign on the rear. The lettering shall be black on yellow background. Letters shall be at least 8 inches high with a 1 inch brush stroke.
  • All motor vehicles when transporting loads must be loaded and secured to prevent the shifting or falling of the load.
  • The towing vehicle must have two mirrors to reflect to the rear a view of 200 feet for the driver.

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