Building/Trunnion Permit


A single trip building and/or trunnion permit is required for all non-reducible oversize and/or overweight load movements that exceed North Dakota legal vehicle size limits. See the ND Legal Vehicle Size and Weight Guide and the ND Weight Limitations Chart for further information.


The online system (E-Permits) accepts single trip permit for oversize/overweight loads movements. Axle weights shall not exceed maximum permitted limits. See the Building Moving Permit Policy or the Heavy Load Permit Policy for Loads in Excess of 200,000 pounds. The maximum weight on a tandem axle is 40,000 lbs. and a single axle is 22,000 lbs. when the GVW exceeds 150,000 pounds. If you have 8 tires per axle and need additional weight that will need to be annotated in under the miscellaneous tab in the remarks. The permit office staff will then change the weight on the axle once it has be submitted for review.

When exceeding 200,000 pounds gross or when there are 8 tires on an axle a vehicle loading diagram will need to be uploaded in the routing portion of the permit. If the load exceeds 20’ wide we also require a traffic control plan. The traffic control plan can also be uploaded into the vehicle loading diagram.


A single trip permit is valid for one load movement up to three days.