A work-over service rig is a non-reducible, self-propelled vehicle that exceeds ND legal vehicle size and weight limits. A single trip permit is required when traveling on the state highway system. The permit for a one-way trip is valid for five days or for multiple trips made within a 24-hour period. The permit fee is $100. A paper copy of the permit must be in possession prior to movement.

The following information will be required when purchasing a permit on-line:

  • Work-over service rig: year, make, serial number, license number and state (optional)
  • Overall dimensions: width, height, length, front and rear overhang (when applicable)
  • Weights: number of axles, number of tires per axle, tire width (first number on sidewall), measurement from axle center to axle, and axle weights. For axle weight tables 1 and 2 on pages 3 and 4, see Permit Policy for Movement of Oversize and Overweight Work-over Service Rigs 
  • Origin and Destination
  • Route of travel (optional)
  • Start date of travel
  • Start time of travel, if applicable

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