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Answer the Call: Multiple Pathways to Teacher Licensure

Have you ever considered a teaching career? North Dakota needs you! There are more ways to become a teacher than the traditional route; you may already have some of the necessary qualifications! The North Dakota School Boards Association has teamed with ESPB to provide webinars that explore pathways to North Dakota licensure. You may access the PowerPoint presentation used HERE, and recordings of these webinars at https://youtu.be/i7eRh1k6MVY and https://youtu.be/hxQRrSy1Kkc.




10 Day Restriction Changed to 30 Days for Interim Substitute Licenses For Those With Less Than A Bachelor's Degree

North Dakota Administrative Code 67.1-02-04-02 restricting interim substitute teachers to 10 consecutive days in the same classroom has changed to 30 days. This became effective October 1, 2021.

Interim substitute licenses have been updated to reflect this change.

Notice of Intent to Amend Administrative Rules


TAKE NOTICE that the Education Standards and Practices Board will hold a public hearing to address proposed amendments and adoptions to N.D. Administrative Code 67.1-02-02, 67.1-02-03, 67.1-02-03-07,67.1-02-03, 67.1-02-04, 67.1-02-05, 67.1-02-06 at 3:00 P.M. on Wednesday, July 7, 2021, at 2718 Gateway Avenue, Suite 204, Bismarck, ND. The purpose of the proposed rules are to amend kindergarten through grade 12 out of state license fee configuration, adopt rules for a reading minor equivalency endorsement, amend rules relating to teachers with restricted licenses, amend rules relating to out of state reciprocal licenses, amend the numbers of days allowed for the interim license for substitute teachers, amend the professional skills test requirements in relation to accepted SAT scores, and general edits for clarity.

The proposed amendment is not expected to have an impact on the regulated community in excess of $50,000.

The proposed rules may be reviewed at the office of the Education Standards and Practices Board, 2718 Gateway Avenue, Suite 204, Bismarck, ND. A copy of the proposed rules and/or a regulatory analysis may be requested by writing the above address, emailing rpitkin@nd.gov, or calling (701) 328-9641.

Written or oral comments on the proposed rules sent to the above address or telephone number and received by July 19, 2021 will be fully considered.

If you plan to attend the public hearing and will need special facilities or assistance relating to a disability, please contact the Education Standards and Practices Board at the above telephone number or address at least 10 days prior to the public hearing.


Dated this 28th day of May 2021

Rebecca Pitkin, Executive Director, ESPB

Substitute Licenses for individuals with less than a 4-year degree: Limited to ten (10) consecutive days in the same classroom.

Governor Burgum's Executive Order relating to the removal of the "Limited to ten (10) consecutive days in the same classroom" restriction for substitutes with less than a 4-year degree ends April 30.

Beginning April 30, the "Limited to ten (10) consecutive days in the same classroom" restriction listed on their license is in effect.

Executive Order 2020-42 Regarding Interim Substitute Teachers, Effective September 3, 2020

Effective immediately, Governor Burgum has suspended the "ten consecutive days" limitation under the North Dakota Administrative Code 67.1-02-04-02 to allow an interim licensed substitute teacher to remain in a classroom without limitation, where a shortage of regularly licensed substitute teachers exists.

The order shall remain in effect until rescinded. 


Praxis Update: At Home Proctoring: May 2020

ETS is beginning an “at-home solution” to test taking. Testing will take place through test taker’s personal desktop and laptop computers at home. Praxis Tests at Home will be available across the US and its territories until test centers return to full capacity testing.

Praxis Testing Centers Closed for 30 Days due to COVID-19

4/17/2020 Update - ETS is offering candidates a 30% discount on Praxis Interactive Practice Tests. They have also extended the Praxis Practice Test subscription to 180 days with 15 uses. Candidates can enter the code "PRACTICE" at checkout to receive this discount.

3/17/2020 - All Praxis testing will be temporarily halted starting Wednesday, March 18, 2020. Prometric will be closing all testing centers in the US and Canada for a period of 30 days unitl April 16, 2020. For continued updates from Educational Testing Service, please visit https://www.ets.org/s/cv/praxis/the-americas/.

Fees will be waived for rescheduling your test, if necessary. Please visit the website above for more details. 


Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators

ETS is “Regenerating” (updating) the Reading, Writing, and Mathematics tests and they now have new numbers. Please note the new test codes for Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. The North Dakota scoring will not change. This will go into effect September 2019.


Teaching Permit Available Aug. 1, 2019

Teaching permits will be available starting Aug 1, 2019. Click HERE for more information. 

New Out-of-Field Endorsement

At their June 20, 2019 meeting, the Education Standards and Practices Board created a new endorsement to help schools. The Out-of-Field Endorsement will allow a fully-licensed ND teacher to teach in an out-of-field area for a period of one year (special education and PreK-K excluded). The teacher would submit an online application for the endorsement in their ND Teach account, as well as a written request from the school administrator requesting the Out-of-Field Endorsement for the teacher. The cost of the endorsement will be the same as all endorsements ($80).



  • A ND licensed physical education teacher could teach English for the 2019-20 school year with this endorsement. The teacher would need to pass the English Praxis test if the school needs them to teach English the following school year.
  • A ND licensed social studies teacher could teach a self-contained 4th grade classroom with this endorsement for the 2019-20 school year. They would need to pass the two elementary Praxis tests if they would want to continue teaching in an elementary classroom for the 2020-21 school year.
  • A ND licensed elementary teacher could teach Ag half time and science half time if they apply for two Out-of-field Endorsements for the 2019-20 school year. They would need to pass Praxis tests in those areas if they want to continue the following school year.

Please call ESPB at 328-9641 or email espbinfo@nd.gov with any questions.

Congratulations Leah Juelke: 2018 Teacher of the Year

Leah Juelke, the 2018 teacher of the year, was selected by NASDTEC (National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification) as the recipient of a Forward Fund Grant Award, the first ever. Four teachers, one from each region of the country were chosen to attend the NASDTEC conference and received a $1000.00 grant to be used in their classrooms. The teachers will write an article to be published in the annual NASDTEC newsletter about what they used the funds for a how it benefited their students. The teachers will be invited back to the conference next year to share the impact of the grant money. Leah was able to share in a general session about her work with the migrant population in Fargo and the books she has published.

Dickinson State and Minot State First Two North Dakota Schools of Education to Achieve National Excellence in Educator Prep

238 programs from 43 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico now meeting CAEP’s rigorous, national accreditation standards to better prepare tomorrow’s teachers. 

ESPB Update

Beginning June 1, 2019, every new ESPB application will include a $5 maintenance charge. 

New Teacher Licensure Pathway: American Board

House Bill 1287, the American Board Bill, was signed into law on April 24, 2019.

American Board is an independent agency, not part of ESPB. They provide a competency-based program which leads to initial licensure in ND.

Please go to the American Board website: www.americanboard.org for details on course offerings, cost, and timeline.   

ESPB will grant a license to individuals who:

  1. Possesses a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution
  2. Passes a criminal history record check required by section 15.1-13 -14
  3. Successfully completes the American Board alternative program

The following content areas are offered by the American Board in North Dakota:

Elementary education

Elementary education with a reading endorsement

English language arts

United States and world history


General science




In addition to completing the American Board requirements, applicants must complete the following requirements within the first two years of contracted time in a North Dakota school:

a. American Board’s clinical experience program and the North Dakota Teacher Support System (TSS) approved mentor program;

b. Youth Mental Health Competency training; and 

c. Coursework in cultural diversity which includes Native American studies, as well as teaching diverse learners.


Education Standards and Practices Board Statement Regarding Critical Shortage Areas

The Education Standards and Practices Board declared all content areas as critical shortage at their April 11, 2019 meeting for the 2019-2020 school year.

The Education Standards and Practices Board declared no administrator areas as critical shortage.


ESPB Supports Military Families

ESPB is a proud supporter of military families and to show this support, ESPB waives the application and license fees for military spouses. Please contact ESPB at 328-9641 if you have questions on the application process for ND teacher licensure. 

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