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Teaching Permit Has Been Extended

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Senate Bill 2070 (the permit bill) has been signed by the Governor; therefore, the bill from the previous session will continue. The parameters of the bill are very similar with one exception:

-An individual who enrolls in a teacher education program may teach for an additional 4 years, up to a maximum of 7 years.
-Individuals not enrolled in a teacher education program may teach up to 3 years.

-An individual who held a permit for 2021-22 and 2022-23 school years, can apply for a permit for the 2023-24 also (year 3). If they want to apply for 2024-25 school year, ESPB will need to see evidence of enrollment in a teacher education program, as this would be year 4.

Please visit https://www.nd.gov/espb/licensure/teaching-permit-information to access information on the permit process.

If you hold a permit, fall within the law, want to renew your permit, and your school would like to continue on a teaching permit, please contact ESPB and we can help get the renewal application started for you in your ND Teach account.

New Substitute Teacher Training Available to Replace the 48 Credit Requirement

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ESPB has partnered with Frontline to provide online training to individuals with less than 48 credits of college education who are interested in substitute teaching. The training costs $180 and takes approximately 20 hours to complete. Please click on this link to register for the training and make sure you select North Dakota.


Once an individual completes the training, they will use the ND Teach Login button above to register and apply for a substitute teaching license. Upon submission of their application, an applicant will be required to also submit the following documents: 

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