The English Language Endorsement can be added to a regular teaching license. The applicant can log into their ND Teach account and submit the online application and authorize the $80 fee to add this new area.  (They’d select begin a new application – Add Endorsement from ESPB – Select General Endorsement, then English Language Endorsement). If they have taken any of the courses for EL, they can upload their transcript.

If the teacher has not completed all the required courses, they can have the endorsement added to their license for two years. During the two years the teacher would need to complete the courses or pass the Praxis test if they don’t want the endorsement to expire and drop off their license. 


The courses that ND requires to teach EL are:

  • Multicultural Education

  • Foundations of Second Language Instruction

  • 6 credits of Linguistics

  • Methods of teaching EL

  • Assessment of EL

  • Field Experience in teaching EL (2 credit minimum)


Or here is a link to information on the Praxis test for English to Speakers of Other Languages:

If a person completes the Praxis test, please remember to either upload your score report or email ESPB a copy. Scores are not shared with ESPB as the test taker is led to believe.