Alternate Access License

  • A bachelor's degree is required.
  • It is preferred that the candidate has at least a bachelor's degree in the content area the school needs them to teach. (Example: School needs a science teacher, and the person has a biology degree.)
  • If they do not have a degree in the content area, they must have at least 30 credits in the content area or closely related area. (Example: School needs a science teacher, and the person has a nursing degree. School needs a physical education teacher, and the person has a corporate fitness degree.) In SPED, the person has a bachelor's degree plus 30 credits of coursework done toward their SPED program.
  • An Alternate Access License can't be issued until July 1 for the upcoming school year. The candidate can apply before July 1, and should complete the background check prior to July 1. (Background checks are taking about 4 weeks for results.)
  • The school must put in writing how they have tried to find a fully licensed teacher but have been unable to do so. The following items should be addressed in the school's request for the Alternate Access License:
    • Administrator name and school district
    • Alternate Access License applicant's name and content area to be filled
    • Length of time job posting was advertised, and format used
    • Number of applications received and number interviewed
    • Incentives that were used to try to attract applicants
  • The Alternate Access License is issued for a year at a time, for up to three years. It is the expectation that the teacher on an Alternate Access License works with a college to complete the courses for a regular education license or completes American Board. Progress on coursework must be made each year to renew. The school must also request the renewal each year. If the person choose to complete American Board, it must be completed in the first year on an Alternate Access License.

** In some cases, an Alternate Access License can be issued when a candidate has finished their teacher education program/degree, but still needs to pass their Praxis tests. This is issued for one year and requires a K-12 school's written request for the Alternative Access License while the candidate works to complete all tests.