Q: How do I add a new degree to my teaching license? 

A: You can add a new degree to your teaching license by beginning a new application for a license renewal. This can be done during a period of time when you need to renew or between renewals. If it is a time between renewals, we extend your license (Example: it is 2017 but your license is good until 2020. You apply in 2017 to renew your 5 year license which is really good until 2020. With renewing now and adding that new degree, we'll extend your license 5 more years to 2025.) When you start the new application to renew your license it will ask, "Are you adding a new degree?" so make sure you select, "yes." Then you will follow the prompts to indicate where you earned your degree from. Once you submit your application for renewing your license, you will need to submit your official transcript to us. Yes, when adding a new degree the transcript does need to be official.

Q: How can I get another copy of my teaching license? 

A: You can print your own copy of your license by logging into your ND Teach account. Once you are logged in, you'll see the icon on the right side of the screen with the option to Print License. 

Q: How do I add an endorsement to my license? 

A: You apply for endorsements online through your ND Teach account. Once you are logged in, you can begin an application and select the option to add an Endorsement through ESPB. The cost for each endorsement is $80.

Q: How to I get the Praxis Test I took to reflect on my teaching license? 

A: apply online using your ND Teach account for a Major Equivalency Praxis Endorsement. The cost is $80. Then email ESPB a copy of your passing score. 

Q: I have a valid teaching license in another state so can I get a ND Teaching License?

A: Yes. If you have completed a transcripted teacher education program, we will need a copy of your valid and current out-of-state teaching license and Confirmation of Other State Educator License form completed by your state's licensure agency. If you have completed an alternative certification program in another state and hold a valid license in that state, you will need to complete our Praxis I and Praxis II testing requirements for your content area(s) prior to being issued an OSEL in North Dakota. Apply online and the system will let you know what information is needed.

Q: How do I get a ND teaching license if I earned a degree in education outside of ND? 

A: We encourage anyone who completed teaching degree outside of ND to get a teaching license in the state where your degree was earned. This would enable you to then apply for an Other State Educator License (OSEL) and not have to meet ND standards (as you met the standards in the state the degree was earned.) If you are not able to get a teaching license in the state your degree was earned, then you will need to apply for an Out of State Reciprocal License and you will need to meet ND standards. A license can be issued and you could have up to 4 years to meet ND requirements. .

Q: What if I completed a teacher education program outside of the United States? 

A: In order for us to issue a teaching license in ND, your transcripts would first need to be evaluated by an agency who is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). Please visit to see a complete list of current members. We request a comprehensive course by course evaluation where all degrees are converted to US equivalencies. This evaluation can be sent directly to us or you can have it sent to you and then you can send us the official evaluation. 

Q: What are the requirements to be a school counselor in ND? 

A: Ultimately, school counselors must have a master's degree in school counseling. However, with a bachelor's degree, an applicant can apply for an Alternative Access License with us at ESPB, then they work with the Department of Public Instruction on their Counseling Credential. They will have up to 3 years to complete the requirements. A school counseling credential is needed from DPI in addition to the ESPB educator's license to be a school counselor. The contact person at DPI is Jim Upgren 328-2244.

Q: What are the additional courses/tests required by ESPB for a school counselor?

A: Educational psychology, Instructional planning, methods, and assessment, Classroom management, and Multicultural/Native American studies are additional courses required. The Praxis I and Praxis II tests are also required.

Q: What are the different types of Special Education Endorsement?

A: There are many different special education endorsements. There is: Specific Learning Disabilities (LD), Emotional Disabilities (ED), Intellectual Disabilities (ID), or the Strategist (LD, ED, and ID combined.) In addition there are also endorsements in the areas of: hearing impairment and visual impairment, early childhood special education, and gifted and talented.

Q: How do I get a "Plan on File" for Special Education?

A: To get a "Plan on File" you apply online for the Endorsement and submit your payment of $80. In addition, to begin the plan you must submit transcripts showing at least 3 SH of special education coursework (which we may already have in our records), enrollment in 2 special education courses for the semester the plan starts, and a letter from your administrator requesting the plan on file for you and the name of your special education mentor. You must renew your "Plan on File" each year by submitting updated unofficial transcripts and a new letter from your administrator requesting the plan on file for another year.