Applying for School Psychologist Intern License

*If you have a substitute license or another type of teaching license in North Dakota, you’ve already completed steps 1 and 2. You’ll be able to jump to step 3.

  1. Complete a background check with ESPB. Here are instructions:
  2. Create a ND Teach account on the ESPB website
  • Click on the Link to ND Teach Account in the first box labeled ND TEACH LOGIN.
  • Then click on the Register Now! Follow the instructions to create your login and password.
  1. Call ESPB at 701-328-9641. Tell us that you have created your online account but need to apply for the School Psychologist Intern License. If you have a teaching license, we’ll have you apply for an endorsement, not a license.
  1. Once your application is started by ESPB, you’ll be able to log into your account and submit the application and pay the online fee. Fees are as follows:
  • One-time application fee $30. (If you have a teaching license or sub license you paid this and won’t be charged again.)
  • Fee for the School Psychology Intern License $155
  • $80 for the School Psychology Intern Endorsement – For those who have a teaching license in ND already.
  1. Submit these additional items to ESPB. Items can be emailed to
  • Official transcript from your undergraduate degree and your official graduate transcript. Most colleges use an electronic service so official transcripts can be emailed directly to ESPB. (If you have a license and we already have your bachelor’s official transcripts – no need to send again.)
  • Letter from your college advisor stating you are eligible for enrollment in the school psychology internship.
  • Documentation from your college/advisor outlining the remaining coursework and anticipated completion date of your specialists degree or higher in school psychology.


Please contact ESPB with any questions @ 701-328-9641 or email