If you are applying for your initial license, you will need to submit an official transcript to ESPB. For most renewal purposes an unofficial transcript will work. If you are adding a new degree (master's degree or a doctorate) an official transcript is needed. Please make sure you indicate in your application that you are adding this new degree. 

Accessing Transcripts:

North Dakota University System

Campus Connection: Log in to Campus Connection to order official transcripts or view/print unofficial transcripts. For renewal purposes, ESPB only needs unofficial transcripts. You can download them as a PDF document and email them to us at Official transcripts from all North Dakota University System institutions can be ordered from Parchment *

Campus Connection Help Desk - For assistance changing a password, recovering a forgotten password, or to set up your Campus Connection account. 


Need transcripts from another university? You can try the National Student Clearinghouse  or Parchment * to see if your institution participates. If not, you will need to contact the institution directly. 

* For step-by-step instructions on how to have an official transcript sent electronically to ESPB from Parchment, please click here.