The Education and Standards Practices Board does not receive any state tax dollars and carries out its mandated duties using the license fees provided by North Dakota educators. Our profession has the authority to set the rules and regulations for educators but then also has the responsibility of providing the funding.

** Beginning June 1, 2019, every new ESPB application includes a $5 maintenance charge.

Initial Application Fee$30
Interim Substitute License - 2 year (as of July 1, 2017)$95
Initial In State 2 Year License$85
2 Year Renewal License$65
Out-of-State Reciprocal License$85
5 Year License$140
30 Year Life License$140
Re-entry License$85
Alternate Access License$165
School Psychology Intern License$165
Probationary License$65
American Board Initial License$85
American Board 2-year Renewal$65
Teaching Permit$150
40 Day Provisional License$65
Transcript Review (only applies to individuals who graduated from institutions outside of ND and do not hold a valid teaching license in another state.)$175
OSEL FEES – only applies to those with an OSEL license (Other State Educator License) 
Initial 2 year OSEL$85
Initial 5 year OSEL$190
2 Year OSEL Renewal$65
5 Year OSEL Renewal$140
OSEL Probationary License$65
OSEL Re-entry License$85
OSEL Endorsements$80
Late Fee for Lapsed License$100