Teaching permits will be issued under the following conditions:

1. Consideration for teaching permits will not be granted until after August first in any year.

2. Teaching permits may be issued only in areas where documented shortages of regularly licensed teachers exist as determined by the Education Standards and Practices Board. (Areas excluded from permits are: elementary education, special education, mathematics, science, language arts, and social studies.)

3. The request for a teaching permit must be initiated by a school. The school board or administration must make the request in writing to the Education Standards and Practices Board for consideration of a teaching permit, indicating intent to offer a contract if licensure can be granted.

4. Official transcripts of all high school/college work must be sent to the Education Standards and Practices Board.

5. The applicant must have proficiency and hold minimum qualifications of four thousand hours over five years of relevant work experience in the subject area to be taught, or possess a certificate, license, or degree in the subject area to be taught. This documentation must be submitted to the Education Standards and Practices Board.

6.  The fee for the teaching permit is $150 for each year the permit is issued. First time applicants will be charged a one-time application fee of $30.

7. The teaching permit is issued for one year at a time for up to three years. An individual may be granted additional teaching permits for an additional four years, up to a maximum of seven total years, if the individual is also enrolled in a teacher education program. 

8. A teaching permit is to address documented shortage areas only. Teaching permits may not be issued to applicants who have failed to meet the deadlines or conditions of their regular licensure renewal.

9. Initial applicants for a teaching permit must also successfully pass the fingerprint background check as stated in subsection 9 of section 67.1-02-02-02.

10. The teacher who is issued a permit must enroll in the state mentoring program. The individual district is responsible for all fees associated with the state mentoring program. This may include: lodging (two nights), food, state rate transportation cost to attend required mentor training. The district is also responsible for the $900.00/semester mentor stipend OR $1000.00/semester advanced mentor stipend.

11. To apply for a teaching permit, the applicant should create an NDTeach online account and select the teaching permit option. They will be able to either upload the documents to their application or email to This includes their official transcript, documentation of 4,000 hours of relevant work experience, and school district request letter. A successful background check is also required. Background check forms and instructions can be found at 

12. If you are an individual who currently holds a teaching permit and you wish to renew, please contact ESPB at 701-328-9641 or to start your renewal application.