Some areas in education require an additional credential issued by the ND Department of Public Instruction. Although DPI is a separate agency, we share access to the ND Teach site. Areas requiring an additional credential to be added to an Educator's License are shown below: 

 Type of Credential  DPI Contact Person   Phone Number  Email 
 Principal  Kelsie Howes  701-328-4571
 Superintendent  Kelsie Howes  701-328-4571
 Librarian  Kelsie Howes  701-328-4571
 School Counselor  Jim Upgren  701-328-2244
 Special Ed Director  Michelle Souther  701-328-2652


An educator can apply for one of these additional credentials by logging into their ND Teach account here. Once logged in, click "Begin New Application" then "Add or Renew Credential - DPI Responsible".