The code of Professional Conduct of the ESPB governs all members of the teaching profession. A violation of this section constitutes grounds for disciplinary action which includes the issuance of a warning or reprimand or both, suspension or revocation of the license of the affected educator, or the appropriate disciplinary action.

If you would like to file a complaint against an educator, please complete the Request for Inquiry Form.

The person submitting the Request for Inquiry Form must:

  • Indicate the current employment status of the affected educator 
  • Include concise statements of the claims or charges upon which the complainant relies, including references to the statute or rule allegedly violated. (See ND Century Code 15.1-13-24 and ESPB Rules of Certification Article 67.1-03 Educator's Code of Ethics.)
  • Include concise statements of the claims and charges from persons who can substantiate the incident or situation
  • Sign the complaint form and attach documents specifically supporting the allegations

Upon receipt of the Request for Inquiry Form, ESPB will transmit a copy with the supporting documentation to the affected educator by certified mail. 

A clear and concise answer to the complaint must be received by ESPB within 20 working days from the day it was received by the affected educator and may include supporting documentation. If the affected educator fails to file an answer, the allegations in the complaint will be deemed admitted and the ESPB Board shall proceed to a hearing pursuant to NDCC 15.1-13. 

Upon receipt of the response from the affected educator, or passage of the deadline for a response, ESPB will place the RFI on the agenda of the next meeting of the ESPB Board for preliminary discussion.