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Senate Bill 2070 (the permit bill) has been signed by the Governor; therefore, the bill from the previous session will continue. The parameters of the bill are very similar with one exception:

-An individual who enrolls in a teacher education program may teach for an additional 4 years, up to a maximum of 7 years.
-Individuals not enrolled in a teacher education program may teach up to 3 years.

-An individual who held a permit for 2021-22 and 2022-23 school years, can apply for a permit for the 2023-24 also (year 3). If they want to apply for 2024-25 school year, ESPB will need to see evidence of enrollment in a teacher education program, as this would be year 4.

Please visit https://www.nd.gov/espb/licensure/teaching-permit-information to access information on the permit process.

If you hold a permit, fall within the law, want to renew your permit, and your school would like to continue on a teaching permit, please contact ESPB and we can help get the renewal application started for you in your ND Teach account.

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