Printable One-Pager - Teaching Authorization


Pre-Service Teacher Authorization (Teaching Authorization)

  • Allows a student teacher who is complete with all their coursework to be the Teacher of Record while student teaching when a school is unable to find a fully qualified teacher. This was granted by the Governor last fall (2023) and extends through this school year (2024-25).



  1. The college must agree the student teacher is a good candidate for the Teaching Authorization. College writes a letter recommending the student teacher for the Teaching Authorization and verifies all coursework is complete and only student teaching remains.  This letter goes to the student teacher.
  2. The K-12 school formulates a plan of support to ensure the student teacher is set up for success. They must outline their supports and name a collaborating teacher who is spearheading the support. The letter should also include how they tried to hire a fully licensed teacher and were not able to do so. This letter goes to the student teacher.
  3. The student teacher contacts ESPB to request the application for the Teaching Authorization is started in their ND Teach account. 
  4. ESPB starts the application for the Teaching Authorization and reviews how the applicant will upload their documents to their application.
  5. Student uploads: College letter of support, K-12 school support plan letter (including name of collaborating teacher), unofficial transcript showing all coursework for degree is complete.
  6. ESPB processes application for the Teaching Authorization, making sure the background check is complete and all documents are uploaded, then issues the Teaching Authorization. 


All steps should be done prior to the start of the school year, or semester.