A 40 Day Provisional License can be issued in some cases when we are waiting for either background check results or official transcripts with a new degree. In order to issue a 40 Day Provisional License, we need the following items:

1. An email requesting the 40 Day Provisional License from the applicant. If we are waiting for the background check, the applicant needs to tell us what they expect the background check to reveal. (Will it be clear? Is there an old charge that you need to tell us about?)

2. An email from the administrator wanting to hire this applicant. If the background check is what we are waiting for, please include in the email that you understand the background check is not complete, and yet, you want this person to start. If it is transcripts we are waiting for, please state that you understand the degree is not yet posted but you want the person to start. 

3. Complete the online application for both the appropriate regular license and for the 40 Day Provisional License. 

4. If we are waiting for transcripts please email us unofficial transcripts.