Healthy, Vibrant Communities

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North Dakota is creating 21st-century cities with vibrant cores that help to attract and retain talent. These unique places and spaces are the differentiator that helps lead to healthy fiscal—and physical—communities.  

Supporting activities include: 

  • Renovation of historic buildings—a unique differentiator renewing sense of place, history and culture
  • Development of mixed-use buildings (e.g. retail on first floor, upper floor(s) for apartments or offices create economic efficiency around existing infrastructure) to revive marginalized areas
  • Revitalizing main street to be a vibrant hub where the community can come together
  • Creation of walkable neighborhoods—where residents can live, work, shop, learn and play—to help lessen the burden of health care costs on taxpayers
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Take Action:

To learn more, contact the North Dakota Department of Commerce at 701-328-5300