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North Dakota is a state on the move—we’re moving a lot of data. Fast. We’re ranked #2 in the nation for ultra-fast internet access (besting most of our neighbors); thirty percent of our households have access to internet faster than 1 Gbps (billions of bits per second). For a state that has a vision for transformation, that’s meaningful. It means physicians can share information with colleagues wherever they are. It means education can incorporate distance learning to offer training and classes that were previously out of reach. It means businesses can save a lot of money on travel by integrating video conferencing. It means we’re a state on the move and that’s a great place to be.

North Dakotans believe in working together to ensure there’s no home left behind. Case and point: a little 10,000 square mile region in the southeast corner of our state where 100% of homes and businesses are connected to fiber. Collaborative cooperatives Dakota Central Telecommunications (DCT) and Dickey Rural Network (DRN) worked together to make this region the largest all-fiber geographic area in North America. 

North Dakota’s IT industry contributes significantly to the state’s overall growth and economic strength, too. Talk about a power grid! It is connected to virtually every industry across the state. Nearly 3300 businesses employ close to 22,000 North Dakotans in various fields including IT, human relations, finance and marketing.

Companies like Microsoft and Amazon have long called North Dakota home. They, together with other high-demand IT users like Unisys and Cargill Global Business Services and other entrepreneurs understand the state’s economic landscape and have experienced our unbeatable work ethic. North Dakota is the best state for economic growth and one of the best entrepreneurship environments in the nation, reinforcing the fact that this is the place where you can innovate, grow and compete.

IT Industry Fact Sheet

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