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The winds of innovation are blowing across the state of North Dakota bringing strong market growth and a healthy manufacturing economy with it. While the rest of the country seems to be experiencing the opposite, North Dakota has enjoyed an expansion in this vital industry. Manufacturing accounts for approximately 7.3% of North Dakota's Gross Domestic Product and has seen a 112% growth in exports over the past nine years.

We’re excited by the growth because a healthy manufacturing sector feeds expansion in other areas of our state including education. This comprehensive community of innovative thinkers is vital to our entire ecosystem.

A broad spectrum of businesses contributes to the success of this industry. There are machinery and equipment manufacturers with long-standing North Dakota roots and a global reach like Bobcat Company. There's Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing, an aerospace contract manufacturer that builds electronic circuit board assemblies, cables, harnesses and ground support equipment. And players in the medical industry like lifesaving Aldevron, a producer of high-quality plasmid DNA, proteins and other biologicals.

With continued support from partners like Impact Dakota and the innovation resources within the North Dakota University System, we expect to see this community continue to grow and keep our position as an innovative manufacturing state.

Advanced Manufacturing Fact Sheet