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Connecting makers and consumers with the right product at the right time is a delightfully challenging dance. Fortunately, North Dakota’s integrated supply chain network of rails, roads and skyways is up for the task.

Take our railways, for example. We have over 3,480 miles of track operated by two Class I rail companies and several short line systems. Eight commercial airports and 89 public-use airports make use of our spacious skies. Don’t forget the more than 107,000 miles of roads that provide intrastate connectivity.

Location and timing are key to any project's success, and being close to rail, whether it has a carload or intermodal focus, can help businesses save on transportation costs. Minot, ND offers a BNSF certified site for intermodal development. The certified site is an 800 acre park that is ready for rapid acquisition and development with 386 acres designated as rail-served. BNSF projects that a customer that builds a new rail-served facility on a BNSF Certified Site can save between size to nine months of construction time, reducing development time and increasing speed to market.

In short, here you can get your product where it needs to go whether it needs to cross the state, the border or an ocean.

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