State Marketing

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Driven by purpose:  Empowering People, Improving Lives and Inspiring success.

Our state agencies work diligently to make life better for the people who live here, work here or visit. We want anyone interacting with our state government to know they are interacting with the people of North Dakota.  We also want to take every possible opportunity to improve the awareness and image of our state. The marketing team at commerce/ tourism has expanded their role to help create tools to assist agencies in connecting their work and missions to the state brand.

The North Dakota Legendary brand, developed to attract visitors, has been the primary brand for marketing the state for more than 15 years and has become our most recognizable promotional tool. The opportunity to build on that success resulted in a brand refresh to evolve and unify the brand across state agencies. By making the motto active, our brand promise become more expansive.  Be Legendary is a promising and inspirational call to action for visitors, businesses and our people.  

By working as one we can better attract visitors, retain our neighbors and recruit new workers and their families to North Dakota- all while improving our citizens experience in working with us.

Brand Promise: The Be Legendary brand celebrates the land, the legends, the adventurous spirit, the vibrant communities, the scenic places and the genuine people of North Dakota. North Dakota is a place where you can achieve your American Dream!

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