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The Main Street ND Summit will be held October 29-31 in Bismarck. This event will bring together local and national community development experts and advocates to share best practices and inspire community leaders, entrepreneurs and students in envisioning North Dakota’s future.

“Thriving communities are the key to a strong future in North Dakota,” said Emily Brown, Community Engagement Manager at the North Dakota Department of Commerce. “This summit will provide attendees with access to best practices, resources and networking opportunities, empowering them to immediately apply what they have learned to further local initiatives that will help their community thrive.”

The three-day interactive summit will serve as a forum for information on the community planning principles behind the three pillars of Governor Burgum’s Main Street Initiative: a skilled workforce; smart, efficient infrastructure; and healthy, vibrant communities. The goal is to help North Dakota compete in a 21st century economy in which rapid technological advancement is changing every job, industry and organization.

The first day of the Summit targets larger communities, the second day highlights youth engagement, leadership and community health, and the third day is tailored to smaller communities and includes more training opportunities. 

“North Dakota has an estimated 30,000 job openings, including roles in healthcare, education, technology, energy and advanced manufacturing,” said Commerce Commissioner Michelle Kommer. “Healthy, vibrant communities are fundamental to the success of workforce recruitment efforts.”

North Dakota’s Main Street Initiative provides community leaders with direct access to tools and resources to capitalize on their community’s strengths and make sound planning decisions. These efforts help create vibrant communities that attract and retain the 21st-century workforce North Dakota needs to compete and succeed in a global economy.

For more information or to register for the Main Street Summit, visit mainstreetsummitnd.com

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