Capitol Security Officers are an integral part of the North Dakota Highway Patrol team and provide security for the North Dakota state capitol complex to assure the safety of state employees and guests.

Security officers are responsible for the safety of executive, legislative, and judicial officials, state employees, and visitors. Capitol Security provides the primary response to emergencies and security at events held on the capitol grounds.         

Capitol Security Officers:

  • work in the command center, the central hub for the operation of state buildings, to observe and monitor capitol grounds to ensure the safety of employees and guests
  • monitor the security of the capitol complex buildings and grounds by providing security for the Governor, Lt. Governor and their families, elected state officials, employees, and visitors
  • are the initial contact for visitors to the capitol building
  • screen visitors to the capitol and supreme court to ensure a safe environment for visitors and employees, free of prohibited weapons
  • conduct fingerprinting and issue identification cards to state employees
  • provide safety training to employees and conduct periodic inspections
  • receive continuously-updated training to ensure state personnel and guest safety

Applicant Requirements:

  •  U.S. citizen for a minimum of 2 years
  •  High school graduate
  •  Successful oral interview
  •  Pass a medical and psychological exam.
  •  Desire to interact daily with the public, NDHP troopers and staff, and state employees.

Full-time North Dakota Highway Patrol Capitol Security staff are rewarded for their dedication to the safety and security of the public and employees of the state of North Dakota with the following:

  • Starting salary of $3408.00 monthly
  • Flexible hours
  • Paid training
  • Free uniforms
  • Fully paid family health insurance 
  • Annual leave 
  • Sick leave 
  • 10 paid annual holidays 

Learn more about Capitol Security employment opportunities: email: or call 701-328-2456

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