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Census 2020

The United States Census is looking to hire 500,000 part-time employees, over 1,200 for North Dakota alone.

Most of the jobs last about nine weeks in the spring of 2020, and pays between $15 to $19 an hour. The Census bureau wants to collect 8,000 applications for the job openings for proper vetting.

"I argue that the people we need filling those positions are what I call 'community champions.' People who are saying 'I understand the economic impact on my state. I understand for my city, my town, my community. And so, for those community champions, those individuals, whose priorities are to take care of their community or their town, sign up and become a census employee to be an enumerator," said Kevin Iverson, Census Office manager.

Roughly 20 percent of Census jobs are filled by out of state workers, according to the North Dakota Department of Commerce. Applications are available online.

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