Thursday, October 12, 2023 - 09:02 am

The North Dakota Department of Commerce announced today that a total of $3,122,486.25 of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds for fiscal year 2023 were awarded to five North Dakota Communities. Funds come from the FY2023 annual allocation and prior years resources that include, but not limited to, FY2018, FY2020, and FY2022. 

The CDBG program provides financial assistance to eligible units of local governments in the form of grants for public facilities, public services, housing rehabilitation, and economic development projects. The primary beneficiaries of CDBG-funded projects must be low to moderate individuals. Applications were scored by a committee knowledgeable on public facilities throughout the State of North Dakota.  

FY2023 CDBG award recipients: 

  • The City of McClusky was awarded $455,000 for replacement of a water main susceptible to leaks and breaks due to aging. 
  • City of Upham was awarded $87,486.25 for gate valve replacements. 
  • City of Wing was awarded $2,176,000 for replacement of a sewer lift station and the separation of the storm sewer from the sanitary sewer. 
  • City of Wishek was awarded $189,000 for replacement of aged fire hydrants and installation of shut off valves. 
  • City of Zeeland was awarded $215,000 to use towards a mixer for the existing water tower that will prevent freezing and the replacement of outdated water controller systems. 

More information about the CDBG program and other resources provided by Commerce’s Division of Community Services can be found at