Tuesday, February 1, 2022 - 12:00pm

The North Dakota Department of Commerce today announced that the application window for the second round of Operation Intern is now open.
“Internships provide valuable opportunities for both businesses and our future workforce,” Commerce Workforce Division Director Katie Ralston Howe said. “Attracting workers through programs such as Operation Intern are essential tools to help meet our state’s workforce needs.”
Administered by Commerce, Operation Intern is a grant program designed to expand the number of internships with North Dakota employers. The program focuses on creating new internships within the state’s targeted industries: energy, advanced manufacturing, value-added agriculture, tourism, and technology-based businesses. Funding may also be granted for other in-demand occupations on the Workforce Development Council’s In-Demand Occupations Annual List.

Eligible employers may receive up to $20,000 per funding round or $40,000 per biennium. Employers are limited to a maximum of five interns for each funding round. Funding can be used for items needed for the intern to perform their internships such as wages, tools and equipment, essential training, or tuition reimbursement. The funding is a one-to-one match. Applications must be received and approved within six weeks prior to start date of an internship.

A company’s eligibility will be based on qualifying industry and internship criteria. Funding will be obligated to the companies that have met all guidance eligibility. Applications will close once all funding is completely obligated.
More information can be found at belegendary.link/NDInternships.