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Nominations for the 2019 Main Street Awards, a program of North Dakota’s Main Street Initiative, are now being accepted through August 30.

The Main Street Awards honor communities that show excellence in applying the principles of Main Street Initiative by actively working to differentiate and enhance the quality of life for their present and future residents.

The Main Street Awards are a collaborative effort of the Office of Governor and the North Dakota Department of Commerce. A selection committee made up of the collaborating agencies and partners judge the entries to make final awards.

This year’s award categories include:

ND Legendary Heritage Award – This award recognizes communities focused on preserving and protecting the historical assets of their towns.

ND Arts and Culture Award – This award recognizes communities that promote and celebrate the arts and culture.

Revitalizer Award – This award recognizes communities that take empty or dilapidated lots or structures and revitalize them with updated infrastructure, mixed-use retail, residential, parks or other unique assets.

Legendary Young Leader Award – This award recognizes a young North Dakota leader who has shown exemplary leadership in their community by speaking up, getting engaged and/or motivating others to invest in their community. 

Vibrancy Award - This award recognizes communities that have activated space by investing in shared public space, cultural experiences and/or community events which draw residents and visitors.

Livability for All Ages Award – This award recognizes a community, organization or project that has taken steps to ensure their community can provide a high quality of life for people of all ages.

Differentiator Award – This award recognizes a community, organization, individual or specific project that has found an innovative and/or unique way to attract businesses, workforce and visitors or enhance local quality of life by leveraging their unique assets or qualities.

Future Leaders Empowerment Award – This award recognizes a community that seeks to engage students in creating a healthy, vibrant community through leadership development, community planning or workforce exploration in local industries.

Main Street Excellence Award – This award will be presented to multiple communities in categories separated by population. These awards will recognize communities whose efforts emulate all three pillars of Main Street success: Smart, Efficient Infrastructure; 21st Century Workforce; and Healthy, Vibrant Communities. 

For additional details on how to apply visit: https://www.nd.gov/living-nd/main-street-nd/main-street-awards

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