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Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer, so make it your official kickoff to outdoor adventures and explore North Dakota. 

With so many ways to enjoy the health and safety aspects of the great outdoors, you don’t have to go far to find your own outdoor niche and discover things about your home state that you never knew. It’s the perfect time to get away from home without going far from home. 

Get off the beaten path and blaze a trail all your own on the Maah Daah Hey Trail, the North Country National Scenic Trail or any trail throughout our state and national parks. Wildlife, scenic wonders and history are short hikes away (https://www.ndtourism.com/articles/outdoor-adventure-north-dakota-style). 

North Dakota’s lakes and waterways are perfectly suited for fishing, boating, kayaking and canoeing (www.ndtourism.com/articles/boat-north-dakotas-rivers-lakes). All can be enjoyed in relative obscurity or with a few select friends on the immense Lake Sakakawea, which is 180 miles from end to end and has more shoreline than the California Pacific Coast. Gently flowing rivers like the Sheyenne, Souris, Little Missouri, Pembina and Red are excellent for canoeing and kayaking (www.ndtourism.com/best-places/kayaking-hot-spots). 

Ready for a drive? North Dakota’s byways and backways (www.ndtourism.com/articles/discover-wonderment-north-dakotas-scenic-byways-and-backways) do more than get you where you’re going. The scenic beauty found along them, plus some really big sculptures (www.ndtourism.com/articles/north-dakotas-larger-life-sculptures), entice you to search out even more eclectic attractions. Motorcyclists have another reason to cruise around the state to collect locations and earn a Scenic ByRider patch. (www.ndtourism.com/articles/north-dakota-scenic-byrider-program). 

Golfers can embrace the long weekend and hone their “drive” while completing the Triple Golf Challenge (www.ndtourism.com/best-places/triple-golf-challenge) or play a series of rounds at courses around the state (www.ndtourism.com/articles/golf-north-dakota-style). 

Exotic animals are taking the holidays in stride. Take the family to be entertained by the lions and tigers and bears and, oh my, lots more at the state’s four zoos (www.ndtourism.com/best-places/wild-times-await-4-north-dakota-zoos). 

Whether it’s down the street, or a quick trip across the state, North Dakota offers endless opportunities for summer activities. This summer is the time to step outside, discover new things about your home state and Be Legendary.  

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