Tuesday, March 8, 2022 - 12:00pm

Gov. Doug Burgum today reaffirmed North Dakota’s support for the Ukrainian people in a phone call with Serhiy Koledov, consul general of Ukraine in Chicago.

Burgum noted that North Dakota has many residents who can trace their ancestry to Ukraine.

“All North Dakotans are standing in solidarity with you and your country,” he told Koledov. The governor proclaimed a day of prayer for the people of Ukraine last Wednesday, and North Dakota residents have held several demonstrations in support of the Ukrainian people as they defend against attacks by Russian armed forces.

In other shows of support, North Dakota is moving to divest from its investments with Russian exposure, Burgum noted, including successfully pulling out of Gaz Capital, which is 50% owned by the Russian Federation. The governor also has called on the Biden administration to unleash U.S. oil and gas production to reduce global reliance on Russian oil and gas exports, the top source of income for the Russian government. President Biden today announced a ban on the import of Russian oil, liquified natural gas and coal to the United States.

Koledov was appointed consul general of Ukraine in Chicago in July 2020, serving an 11-state area including North Dakota.