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Gov. Doug Burgum today issued a proclamation honoring the 130th anniversary of North Dakota’s statehood on Saturday, Nov. 2, and encouraged all North Dakotans to celebrate the state’s birthday.

“North Dakota is a special place because of the resilient, self-sufficient and enterprising people who shaped our state for many generations before and since statehood, and the exceptional people who continue to make it the best place in the nation to live, work and raise a family,” Burgum said. “We are grateful for the many positive changes and progress throughout the years, inspired by the contributions of all those who came before and excited about all that is yet to come. With respect for the past, gratitude for the present and inspiration for the future, we say Happy 130th Birthday, North Dakota!”

North Dakota joined the United States as the 39th state in the union at 2:40 p.m. CT Nov. 2, 1889, when President Benjamin Harrison signed the Proclamation of Admission. South Dakota was admitted as the 40th state at the same time. It’s unknown which state’s proclamation was signed first because Harrison concealed the order by shuffling and signing the papers blindly, not wanting to show favor by admitting either state first.

Burgum encouraged North Dakotans to observe the 130th anniversary in their own way and to share on social media what they love about the state through words, photos and videos.

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