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Census 2020

Oil rigs, semitrucks, hard hats and work boots. Those are sights one would expect to see in McKenzie County, the largest oil-producing county in the United States, situated in the heart of western North Dakota’s Bakken Formation. If you were to take a closer look, past the hustle and bustle characteristic of this place and its transient population, one may be surprised to find a groundswell of something far different than Bakken crude: local unity, local strength and local pride.

“If there is an issue or something to solve in Watford City, we look at things from a community standpoint,” says Pat Bertagnolli, vice president of human resources with MBI Energy Services.

This sense of community that defines Watford City and greater McKenzie County has brought a group of area leaders together to put the local face on a federal constitutional mandate. The mandate is a decennial count of the population, and the 2020 Census is here.

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