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North Dakota Health and Human Services (HHS) today announced that the application window for heating assistance through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is open today, Oct. 2, through May 31, 2024.

LIHEAP is a federally funded program offered through the state that provides financial help with heating costs for qualifying households. The assistance amount varies based on the number of people living in the household, total household income, heat source, and other factors.

Both homeowners and renters can apply for heating assistance. However, individuals living in subsidized housing or who are receiving housing assistance with their heating costs included in their rent are not eligible for LIHEAP.

In the last year, as of Aug. 22, 2023, LIHEAP assisted 14,280 qualifying North Dakota households by providing an average payment of $1,409 in assistance per household.

In addition to heating costs, LIHEAP may also assist with weatherization services such as home insulation and weather stripping around doors and windows; furnace cleaning, repair or replacement; and chimney inspection and cleaning. Emergency assistance is also available to assist with fuel co-payments during unexpected financial hardships, offer financial support for furnace replacements, help prevent shut offs and disconnects, and provide essential consumer goods like temporary heating or cooling devices. The aim of emergency assistance is to serve as a last-resort safety net for families in dire need.

“Heating assistance is one of several resources that North Dakota Health and Human Services offers to help North Dakotans manage their living expenses,” HHS Economic Assistance Director Michele Gee said. ” To ensure everyone is able to receive the help they need, Health and Human Services provides a variety of options for North Dakotans to easily apply for programs and services.”

Individuals can apply for LIHEAP and other assistance online at hhs.nd.gov/applyforhelp, locally at a human service zone office, or by mail. For help applying, North Dakotans can also contact Community Options, a partner agency, toll-free at (800) 823-2417.

North Dakotans who need help paying for food, child care or medical coverage can apply for other helpful programs at www.hhs.nd.gov/applyforhelp.

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