Under the Trooper's Hat: DVR Stickers and Crashes - Trooper Michael Hayen

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If you have been involved in a motor vehicle crash, which has resulted in at least $1,000 in property damage, you have probably received a Damage Vehicle Release (DVR) sticker from the law enforcement officer who investigated the crash.  Every motor vehicle crash in North Dakota which results in property damage of $1,000 or more, injury, or death MUST be immediately reported to law enforcement. The only exemption is when a crash involves an undomesticated animal (deer, moose, squirrel, etc.) resulting in property damage only to the driver's vehicle, regardless of the amount of damage to that vehicle.


The DVR sticker has information to include the date of crash, vehicle’s license, damage location, investigating officer and agency, and an identification number.  All DVR sticker identification numbers must be indicated on the state crash report by the law enforcement officer submitting the report.


The DVR sticker is designed to notify towing companies and auto repair shops that the vehicle damage and crash were reported to law enforcement. If any vehicle with damage of at least $1,000 is brought into a repair shop without the DVR sticker attached to the vehicle, the person in charge of the shop must notify law enforcement within 24 hours after the vehicle is received and before any repairs are made to it (ND Century Code 39-07-12).  The repair shop must provide the registration number, name, and address of the owner, operator or person in control of the vehicle, along with a description of the location and type of damage to the vehicle and any missing parts.


If a tow truck is used to tow a crashed vehicle to a private residence or business other than a repair shop, and the vehicle shows evidence of having been involved in a reportable crash, the towing operator must make a report to law enforcement within 24 hours providing the same information as above (ND Century Code 39-07-13).


If a vehicle has the DVR sticker attached to the window, the repair shop and / or towing company do not need to make a report to law enforcement and may tow or begin repairs immediately.  Any person in charge of a repair shop or the operator/person in charge of a towing company who fails to report a vehicle which does not have the DVR sticker for a reportable crash is subject to a fine (ND Century Code 39-07-06).

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