Trooper on a Train Scheduled for Oct. 3

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The North Dakota Highway Patrol is participating in Trooper on a Train, Thursday, Oct. 3. A trooper will be present on an eastbound train beginning in Mandan. The trooper will watch for railroad grade crossing violations as the train travels east from Mandan.

During a “Trooper on a Train” event, one trooper rides in the lead locomotive of the train as a spotter. This trooper observes traffic approaching the highway-rail grade crossings as the train proceeds down the tracks. Other troopers pace the train or are parked at specific locations along the tracks. When a motorist or pedestrian is observed violating the law, the trooper on the train radios one of the other troopers, who stop the motorist or pedestrian and explains the violation and issues a citation.

The purpose of this event is to increase public awareness of the potential dangers that exist at highway-railroad grade crossings by enforcing the traffic laws that pertain to these intersections. This event also allows troopers to see traffic from the train crew’s perspective.
The consequences for a driver failing to stop for an automatic railroad crossing signal, flagger, or train, or driving around a crossing gate or barrier results in a $50 fine and three points assessed to the license of the driver.

The NDHP’s ‘Trooper on a Train’ is one of many activities used to enhance public safety and to spread awareness of related traffic laws to include the dangers of failing to stop for oncoming trains or driving around railroad gates or barriers. DON’T RACE THE TRAIN!


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