The North Dakota Highway Patrol Crash Reconstruction Team (CRT) applies the science of reconstruction and causation analysis to major crash and crime scenes across the state.  The CRT is currently staffed by 18 specially-trained investigators located throughout the state to provide services to the citizens and visitors of North Dakota.

CRT personnel are recognized leaders in the field of crash reconstruction.  Troopers use current technology to document crash and crime scenes.  Computer software is used to generate scale diagrams and to perform mathematical calculations.  The work completed by the CRT has been valuable in criminal prosecutions.

CRT personnel receive the highest levels of instruction in crash and crime scene reconstruction.  In addition, troopers participate in update training and testing to keep current in analytical techniques, methodology, and theory.  Troopers also provide crash investigation training to county and local officers at the North Dakota Law Enforcement Training Academy. 



Crash Reconstruction:

  • Forensic mapping of crash scenes using total station technology
  • Event data recorder download and analysis from vehicles
  • Recognition and preservation of critical evidence
  • Comprehensive analysis of crashes evaluating human, vehicle, and environmental factors
  • Professional reports and expert court testimony

Crime Scene Reconstruction:

  • Forensic mapping of crime scenes using total station technology
  • Trajectory analysis and measurement-related needs
  • Computer generated scale diagramming and 3D modeling
  • Professional quality trial exhibits

Contact Us:

The North Dakota Highway Patrol CRT provides assistance to local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as local and state prosecutors.  CRT assistance can be requested through regional NDHP supervisors.   For additional information regarding the CRT, please contact the program coordinator, Trooper Travis Nelson (701) 328-1081 or