Because of the new Adobe forms technology, it is highly recommended that Internet Explorer 11 or later is used for accessing PDF forms whenever possible. If you must use Chrome or Firefox, please follow the instructions listed below.

Adobe PDF Viewer

PDF forms require an Adobe PDF Viewer browser plug-in. The latest versions of Chrome and Firefox do not support this technology by default. Some additional configurations need to be made to these browsers in order for them to work properly. Depending on your version of Chrome or Firefox, the instructions may vary slightly. When possible, use Internet Explorer 11 or higher. Microsoft Edge is not recommended or supported. In any case, Adobe Reader needs to be installed on your machine. After Adobe Reader is installed, proceed with the instructions below for your specific browser.


Replace the Chrome built in PDF viewer so that you can open, view, and save PDF's without issues.

  • Type into the address window of Chrome browser: chrome://settings/content
  • Scroll down and click on PDF documents
  • Slide the slider to the right next to Open PDFs using a different application
  • Click on a form number hyperlink
  • Click on the up arrow on the pdf download box in lower left corner of screen
  • Choose Always open in Adobe Reader

Trying to open PDFs in Firefox could result in an error message that states "This PDF document contains forms. The filling of form fields is not supported."

To get the form to open in Adobe, you need to do the following:

  • Open Firefox
  • Click the Tools menu button
  • Click Options and select Applications
  • Find Portable Document Format (PDF) in the Content Type column
  • In the Action column, change it to Use Adobe Acrobat

Form Types

Internal - Forms used by customers internal to North Dakota State Government.
Public - Forms used by the general public or entities external to North Dakota State Government.

DepartmentInternal FormsPublic Forms
Aeronautics CommissionNDAC InternalNDAC Public
Board of Nursing Home AdminNursHome Public
Commerce-Agriculture Products Utilization CommissionInternalPublic
Department of Financial InstitutionsDFI InternalDFI Public
Department of HealthHealth InternalHealth Public
Department of Human ServicesDHS InternalDHS Public
Department of LaborLABOR Public
Emergency ServicesEMERG SRVC Public
GeneralGeneral Internal
Information Tech DeptITD InternalITD Public
Insurance DepartmentNDINS InternalNDINS Public
ND Department of AgricultureNDDA Public
ND Racing CommissionRACING Public
North Dakota Highway PatrolNDHP Internal
OMB-Central Services DivisionInternalPublic
OMB-Facility ManagementFac Mgmt InternalFac Mgmt Public
OMB-Human Resource Management ServicesInternal
OMB-Office of Management & BudgetInternalPublic
OMB-Risk ManagementInternalPublic
Office of Administrative HearingsOAH InternalOAH Public
Oilseed CouncilOILSEED Public
Parks and RecreationParks & Rec InternalParks & Rec Public
Plumbing BoardInternal
Secretary of StateSOS InternalSOS Public
Securities DepartmentSecurities Public
Soil Conservation CommissionSoil Comm Public
State TreasurerTREASURER InternalTREASURER Public
Veterans Affairs, Department ofPublic
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