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Today Gov. Burgum and the North Dakota Department of Commerce announce the launch of the Office of Community Development & Rural Prosperity. This new office will help to elevate the existing pillars of the Main Street ND program that has played a pivotal role in fostering economic growth, preserving local heritage, and enhancing community engagement, resulting in thriving town centers and improved quality of life for residents. 


Community Development & Rural Prosperity’s mission is to empower North Dakota communities through efficient development, economic growth, and an enhanced quality of life. The office aims to foster collaboration to address unique rural challenges, promote innovation, and leverage resources to build resilient, thriving communities. 


Community Development & Rural Prosperity will focus on key initiatives to drive efficient growth and prosperity across the state: 

  1. Strengthened Collaboration and Coordination: Enhancing collaboration among stakeholders, the office will streamline efforts, reduce resource duplication, and promote synergy in rural development projects. 
  2. Enhanced Focus and Strategic Planning:With a dedicated team and resources, the office will develop comprehensive, long-term strategies tailored to the unique needs of each community, driving more effective and efficient development outcomes. 
  3. Economic Diversification and Resilience: The office's focus on rural and community development will support economic diversification, making rural areas more resilient to economic changes and challenges. 

“North Dakota’s long-term prosperity depends on the success of communities and rural areas,” Burgum said. "The Office of Community Development & Rural Prosperity marks a crucial step in driving economic progress across the state." 


The first year will focus on achieving tangible goals, including a comprehensive needs assessment, establishment and administration of rural grant programs, regional collaboration and capacity building, and the compilation of an annual report outlining achievements and priorities. 


For more information about the Office of Community Development & Rural Prosperity, please visit ndgov.link/community-development-rural-prosperity 

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