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The North Dakota Department of Commerce announces the opening of the Regional Workforce Impact Program (RWIP) application portal next week, on May 14, 2024, at 12:00 P.M. This program empowers North Dakota communities to develop groundbreaking solutions to their specific workforce challenges. Applications are due July 9, 2024. 

"The RWIP presents a game-changing opportunity for North Dakota communities to craft long-lasting solutions for the workforce hurdles we face," said Commerce Workforce Deputy Director Janna Pastir. "We were impressed by the innovative, impactful, and locally driven solutions funded in both the first and second rounds of RWIP, and we're eager to see the creative approaches communities propose this time." 


Funded by the 68th North Dakota Legislative Assembly, the RWIP provides grants to regional workforce entities within the state to tackle their unique workforce challenges. 


Key Points: 

  1. Immediate Challenge Solutions: RWIP supports initiatives that directly address the most pressing workforce needs, ultimately boosting economic stability. 
  2. Collaboration is Key: Regional partners are strongly encouraged to work together to maximize resources and create sustainable solutions with lasting impact.
  3. Broader Reach: Collaborations that positively  impact diverse communities and populations throughout a region are highly encouraged, although not mandatory. 

Commerce remains dedicated to addressing workforce challenges and fostering economic opportunities across North Dakota. 


For more information, application guidelines, and eligibility details, visit ndgov.link/RWIP. 

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